Come and hand feed some baby turtles at our beautiful wildlife sanctuary.

Our Sanctuary is a just a short drive from Port Vila. Enjoy a personal tour through our grounds with one of our wonderful local guides. An opportunity to learn and interact with some of Vanuatu’s most unique and highly endangered wildlife.


Our turtle program


At The Reef Zoological we are dedicated to protecting the endangered sea turtles native to the South Pacific waters around Vanuatu. We have both Hawksbill and Green Sea Turtles in our education and conservation program.

Our reptiles


Our wildlife sanctuary is home to many species of geckos and the highly endangered Fijian banded iguanas. Originally found on every island within Fiji, they are now limited to only one island. Iguana’s are excellent climbers and their favourite snack is a big red hibiscus flower.

Our fish and sea life


Our sanctuary adjoins a beautiful natural reef with spectacular snorkelling and scuba diving. Part of your tour through the sanctuary includes a reef walk where you can see lots of starfish, tropical fish, coral, eels and other marine-life in their completely natural habitat.

“A lovely hands on and educational experience, were impressed with all areas and staff. We really enjoyed ourselves and were pleasantly surprised. Well done team on preserving for the next generation. ”

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